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Nurseries Licenses

It is possible to apply for a license to open up a nursery in Ministry of Labour & Social Development through the following steps:

1. To view the conditions of establishing nursery home.
2. To submit a letter to the Director of Childhood and family Development Directorate for the granting of a license to open up a nursery and enclosing with it copies of the scientific certificate, passport, C.P.R., economical feasibility, and opening a bank account.
3. To inspect the suggested premise by the Nurseries Section.

4. To address the official bodies (The Civil Defense and Fire brigade, Directorate of Traffic, Municipality).
5. To make an obligation to pay the annual fee of BD 10.

The female specialists of the concerned section shall make periodical visits to inspect the premises of the nursery homes and house to ascertain their compliance with the regulations of nurseries registration and the extent of conformity with the conditions of establishment.




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