A Computer for Every Blind Citizen Initiative

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 “A Computer for Every Blind Citizen Initiative” is a major achievement of the supreme leadership regarding the provision of the means of support for those with different types of disabilities so as to help them scientifically and practically. This falls within the National Economic Vision for 2030 of the Kingdom of Bahrain in the field of social justice and the provision of the best services to all. Our current era is the era of technology and the information revolution is now open to everybody. It is no longer restricted to a privileged few in society. It is now accessible to both the non-disabled and the disabled. As the Ministry knows very well the great benefits of this revolution in information and knowledge, it has launched the initiative of the computer and speaking program for the blind. This initiative was launched to provide them with the capacity to communicate with these technologies which have become effective tools for increasing knowledge and education in different areas.


The Ministry is willing to continue to carry out this Initiative in cooperation with the non-governmental and private sectors. The cost of computers and the speaking program is 17 thousand Bahraini Dinars. Of the 300 blind persons registered, 24 received financial assistance and 90% of them were given computers by the Ministry and other authorities.

The Ministry shall spare no effort to help the disabled to obtain the maximum benefit from technological developments as it is very interested in effectively participating with specialists from non-governmental organizations concerned with the affairs of the blind. It provides all these services to people with this type of disability. A joint committee was formed to draw up standards and conditions for the distribution of computers. This committee includes two members representing the Ministry of Social Development from the Sadaka Committee for the Blind and the Bahrain Institute for the Blind. The speaking computer equipped with an Ibsar program that transforms written material into spoken material to help develop communication channels for the blind, in order to integrate them into the scientific world and daily life and to provide them with a better educational and professional environment. The greatest number of students and employees with this type of disability can benefit from the modern technology through the best of Arabic technologies in pronunciation by automatically transforming the text into spoken words. This enables the blind to understand websites easily and clearly in Arabic and English. It also enables them to recognize documents optically and to read their emails. 


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