Awarded the academic qualification of the civil rehabilitation centers working in the field of disability

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Initiated by the ministry program granting academic qualification for students of persons with disabilities enrolled in centers civil competent affairs Care and Rehabilitation Council of Ministers Decision No. (01-2058), and the belief in the importance of rehabilitation and empowerment of persons with disabilities and raise their skills to allow them in the community, the program offers financial grantscustom operating budget for the school year for NGOs nonprofit, the project started in 2010, through the study of the situation of centers working in the disability field and preview the need for urgent support material closely the cost of budget estimates 2010/2011 million and 200 thousand dinars, and since then have struggled Ministry to get government support to cover the operating costs of these centers, where she received support for the academic year 2010/2011 up to 500 thousand dinars, and've spent by 48% the number of 12 centers waged, and the multiplication of government support for the academic year 2011/2012 as well as the academic year 2012/2013,for up to one million and 200 thousand dinars were spent on the centers by 84%, as the ministry is working hard to reach 100% support rate of the operational budget for all civil rehabilitation centers















































































































































































































































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