Rehabilitation and Social Services

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Disabled Service Centre (“You are not alone”)


The Disabled Service Centre (“You are not alone”)takes care of receiving the opinions and complaints of the disabled and their guardians. It also works to find solutions to provide for their requirements in coordination with the governmental and non-governmental authorities and private bodies. It also takes care of employment for the disabled in the governmental and non-governmental sectors.


Driving training program:


Ministry seeks to enable persons with disabilities and their integration in society by all means possible, including the process of free training for driving in partnership with the Bahrain Center for Mobility International.


Social Services


The Social Services Department is eager to provide care and qualification services to the disabled who are eligible to receive them whatever their type of disability. These services can be provided after following procedures such as registering applicants, carrying out social enquiries, identifying the extent of their needs and their economic, social and psychological condition as well as other procedures.




Provide services to help the disabled increase their level of independence in their daily lives and to more fully enjoy their rights.



Required documents:


1- The required form completed


2-A report on the applicant’s case from the Ministry of Health - psychological medicine


3- A copy of the residential card of the applicant and guardian


4- Two photographs of the applicant


5- A copy of the applicant’s passport



Services provided by the centre:


1- Providing rehabilitation equipment to help people with special needs, including wheelchairs, hearing aids, crutches, cards and special equipment for disabled children and others.


2- Issuing permits for discounts on air tickets in coordination with Gulf Airlines and cards for free rides on public transport.


3- Providing free training in driving manual and automatic cars for those who have training permits issued by the General Traffic and License Department of the Ministry of the Interior. This service is provided only for those with physical and hearing disabilities.


4- Issuing identification cards for the disabled to show their identities and their type of disability.


Types of Disabilities:


Physical disability, hearing disability and dual disability


Rehabilitation Services:




Providing jobs in companies and organizations for people with special needs in order to integrate them into society and provide for their economic needs.


Age: From 18 years and over


Required documents for job applicants: 


1- The required form completed


2- A report of the case from the Ministry of Health indicating their type of disability


3- A copy of their education qualifications


4- A copy of the residence card of the applicant


5- Two photographs of the applicant 


6- A copy of their passport



Sports and Entertainment Programs


This service is provided through centres and houses for the disabled such as the National Bahrain Bank House for the Rehabilitation of the Disabled and the Disabled Children’s Day Care Centre by following these steps:


1- Submit a written request to the Social Rehabilitation Department along with a copy of the applicant’s residence card and a medical report on the applicant.


2- Register the applicant with the rehabilitation centre, for which the applicant will receive a card showing the application number and date for review.


3- Undertake field enquiries on the applicant to identify the type of services required.


4- Prepare a health and social file.


5- Submit a report from the guardian as consent for the service system in cooperation with the house or the centre.    



Ministry of Labour & Social Development

Social Rehabilitation Department

Phone numbers: 17688634- 17688520























































































































































































































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