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Admission Requirements:

  1. Bahraini Nationality
  2. Should be free of infectious and communicable diseases
  3. Must have a minimum in the ability to learn and behaviorally disturbed. Be with intellectual disabilities medium or simple age between (8-15) years in the case of acceptance in the rehabilitation unit academic qualification.

  4. To have some of the sensory or motor disabilities or mental age more than (15 years) in case of acceptance in the rehabilitation and vocational rehabilitation unit.

  5. To have a family acceptance to take advantage of the programs and services center.

  6. Must have the ability of personal self-care

Admission Procedure:

  1. Submit a formal request to join the center attached to a copy of the CPR of the situation and the medical reports.
  2. Conduct social research on the situation and disabled family.
  3. Make the necessary different assessments of the situation (psychological - academic - professional - medical).
  4. Open File of situation.
  5. Guardian's approval the approval of the service system and Cooperation Center in person to follow the situation whenever the need arises
  6. Subjecting the case for a trial period for a period not exceeding six months to determine the feasibility of the continuity of the center situation and the suitability of the applied programs.
  7. Comprehensive medical examination.


End the relationship:

  1. Death.
  2. عWhen asked Guardian end state services from the center.
  3. The student did not respond to the applicable programs place after the end of the trial period prescribed.
  4. Upon completion of the student specific rehabilitative programs to him.
  5. When conditions are at the center is not suitable for the needs of the student-sufficiency and development.
  6. The absence of a student for a period of seven consecutive days or for two weeks as intermittent without compelling reasons.
  7. hen the condition becomes a danger to himself and the other students despite efforts to modify behavior.
  8. When the absence of one or more in terms of acceptance.
  9. Non-compliance with the regulations, procedures and instructions in the center pick.

Procedures for the arrest of the situation:

  1. Codification of detailed information about the situation in the forms of behavior modification.
  2. Preparation of reports on the situation by a team working at the center.
  3. Discuss the situation with the psychiatrist.
  4. Call parents to discuss the problem of the situation.
  5. Send notices to the Guardian to urge the state to attend in case of his absence.
  6. Raising proposals by the Working Group Center for Social Rehabilitation Administration
  7.  And work to implement the decisions of the administration.


















































































































































































































































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