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1-Diagnose skills of  Disabilities and physical and sensory abilities to redirect programs for educational and vocational guidance for the development of those capabilities.




2-Training with disabilities to acquire basic academic skills through an educational program adapts to the different aspects of disability.




3-Training disabilities to acquire the necessary professional skills to be qualified for jobs and achieve the appropriate level needs of the labor market.




4-Develope health awareness and gain good health habits through an integrated program of health education and the prevention of diseases and accidents.




5-Develope tendencies skills and helping disables to enrich their lives and operates their leisure time through the programs of leisure and recreational activities and social development.




6-Achieving social adaptation and autonomy and develop a sense of self-worth and psychological compatibility through an integrated program of counseling and guidance and Mental Health.



7-Conduct studies, surveys and research on people with disabilities to plan future services for them



8-Creat a cooperative societies and productivity and the establishment of exhibitions and seminars that highlight their activities and their professional.




































































































































































































































































































































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