Comprehensive Disability Complex

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Comprehensive Disability Complex is located in the Ali area. His Majesty the King issued an order to set aside three hectares of land for the complex. Part of this land was reserved for the Abdulla Kanoo Diagnosis and Disability Evaluation Centre which cost around one million Bahraini Dinars. The building contains several specialized clinics including a Dental Clinic, a Diagnosis Clinic, a Physiotherapy Clinic and others.


The cornerstone of the complex was laid under the sponsorship of His Highness, Sheikh Khalid bin Ahmad Al Khalifa, the Royal Court Minister. It began operations during 2012.


The complex includes ten buildings for different purposes: evaluation and guidance, physiotherapy, re, multi-disability care, brain damage centre, health club, Down’s Syndrome Centre, learning and training resources, administrative building and products show centre.


The Ministry, through the joint committee with the Ministry of Health studies the requirements for personnel to work in the complex, including different kinds of specialists: physicians, psychological and social specialists, phonology specialists, physiotherapy specialists and special education. In this regard, the Ministry confirms that it is important for the diagnosis team to include several specialists so that the complex is successful.


The complex also includes the Mufti Hearing and Mental Disability Centre which is financed by generous donations of the Honourable Mubarak bin Jasim Kanoo and the Autism Centre which is financed by generous donations of the Honourable Khalid Mhammed Kanoo. The two centres provide services for disabled people who need rehabilitation and care.




A psychological and social centre built by the Gulf Financial House also forms part of the complex. This Centre provides psychological and social consultations to help the disabled overcome their hardships and to deal with their psychological and social problems so that they may successfully integrate society. This Centre provides guidance and direction for the disabled and helps them to identify positive ways to overcome disabilities inside the home and in society.


The complex also includes an education and training centre which was financed as a donation by the Gulf Financial House. This centre carries out a continuous training program directed at the disabled and their families and at field personnel working in disabled centres in the governmental, non-governmental and private sectors. It also contains an electronic library, scientific books and periodicals to be used as references for selected teachers and specialists. It also provides access for people concerned with disabilities.


The Ministry of Labour & Social Development as a part of its mission to provide the latest developments and innovations for the disabled, developed the idea of an exhibition for equipment and appliances, built as a charity by the Gulf Financial House. Through this exhibition, equipment and appliances can be imported. Products made by the disabled can also be exhibited and marketed to demonstrate the abilities of the disabled and their different skills.


Among the other important sections in the complex is a health club for the disabled. This is a sports and social club built by the Gulf Financial House which is open to all the disabled to practice sport activities and participate in training. Through this club, the disabled can benefit from practicing sports and meeting other people. The complex also includes a "Down’s Syndrome" Centre sponsored by the Down’s Syndrome Bahraini Assembly which financed the cost of the building. Through it, care, services and rehabilitation programs are provided to this group of disabled persons and help is provided to alleviate their difficulties.



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