Rehabilitation and Training Services

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Types of services:
  • Full shelter which includes housing, food and clothing.


  • Full health care, preventive and therapeutic physiotherapy integrated.

  • Independence and skills development aimed at developing the skills of daily life (eating, drinking, personal hygiene, self-reliance).

  • Development of cognitive skills, such as cognitive (thinking, perception, attention, memory, self-expression)

  • Vocational rehabilitation and training on the most appropriate means for their professions to achieve the remaining adjustment, interaction and integration and self-assertion in their family and social environment.

  • Providing sports programs and the development of fine motor skills and big.


  • Provide care and psychological services as a test capacity and resolve behavioral problems encountered by children in Casablanca.



  • Recreational and social programs and aims to integrate the child with the family and the community by participate in Ctflat and collective trips and regular and special events and film screenings.

  • Collecting what it needs of persons with disabilities and special care services.




























































































































































































































































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