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The house includes three main sections:

  1.     Department of daycare.
  2.     Residential care section and intermittent.
  3.     Physical Therapy



Types of care:


1-Residential care (permanent): Provides for children living in the house the right for their families to visit them or to arrange a visit to the children for their parents.

2-Temperary care: The child is accepted in the house for a period not exceeding three months as a result of unforeseen circumstances in the family before returning to his/her family withing this period.

3-Day care: is appended to the child in the classroom during the qualifying period day, and is served aspects of health and rehabilitative services, psychological and recreational.



Cases that are trained and treated with the Department of Physical Therapy:


Many children who suffer from varying degrees of disability and disability kinetic receive physical therapy and are trained according to specific programs and take advantage of situations in which physiotherapy services are:

  • Cerebral palsy and paraplegia.
  • Mental retardation (mental retardation) who suffer from the problems of mobility and physical.
  • Who suffer from articular dislocation.
  • Cases of hydrocephalus and cerebral palsy, and delays in the growth of other factors.




















































































































































































































































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