The Disabled Theatre Festival

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The Board of Ministers of Social Affairs in the GCC had decided on the importance of periodically organizing a theatre festival for the disabled in order to establish a new experiment in disabled care, integrating them into society by developing and sponsoring their artistic talents in theatre work.


The Festival is always interested in promoting theatrical talent among the disabled in the GCC, and works to involve them in social, cultural and artistic activities and events.


The Theatre Festival aims at accomplishing various direct and indirect, long-term and short-term objectives, the most important of which are the following:


  1. Rooting and improving trust in the Disabled to show their abilities and talents.
  2. Enriching such talents through training and cumulative experience.
  3. Activating and developing the cultural and theatrical initiatives by the disabled in the GCC.
  4. Providing a chance for the disabled to express through theatre their problems, feelings and attitudes in all social matters.
  5. Improving theatre art sense subject to equal citizenship principal among all members of society despite their different capacities and needs.
  6. Participating in the enrichment, empowerment and social involvement of the disabled through the arts especially theatre.
  7. Enhancing positive trends and approaches of society towards the disabled and changing the common negative picture against them.

The Ministry is preparing to host the 3rd Theatre Festival of the Disabled, to be held in Kingdom of Bahrain in 2013. It is considered to be a vital chance for the disabled to demonstrate their artistic skills and creations in the theatre field, to be a complement to many other career possibilities and creative endeavours which they can perform regardless of their disability. The Ministry is currently working to set up a plan to execute the disabled theatre project in Bahrain as the first throughout the GCC.


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Second Theatre Festival for the disabled

The Kingdom of Bahrain has gained much success by obtaining four awards in the 2nd Disabled Gulf Theatre Festival after it participated with the play "Salam Jaber", with the full support and supervision of the Ministry of Social Development as part of the Festival's influence in the Emirate of Sharjah, UAE, last November.



The play deals with one of the rights of the disabled person which is the right to love like others; this emotion, which inspires peace and fills the inner gap, is explored through the love relationship between the daughter of Sultan Salam's and the disabled Jaber. When he discovers this relationship, the Sultan became ill and fell into a coma. At the end, the message of the play is that the disabled person also has the right to marry and live in peace.




The play "Salam Jaber" starred some disabled actors, who suffer from physical, hearing and visual disabilities; it was written and directed by Abdul Rahman Bojers, who also composed the music. The work included some songs and poems by the poet Ali Al Sharqawy, Fawaz Al Shrooqy, Saleh Kadhim Mohamed Kadhim.



First Theatre Festival for the disabled


"Qanatana Al Fadiea" play














































































































































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