Organizational Structure

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  • Mall Supervisor
  • Production Specialist
  • Marketing Specialist
  • Trainers
  • Secretary
  • Sales and packaging staff


The Capital Mall showcasing the Bahraini handmade products is an important edifice by all standards that "enriches the essence of social development" in the Kingdom of Bahrain for the productive families who are most in need of those who can support, advise, follow up and guide them to achieve economic and social development. There is a close relationship between economic and social development represented in qualifying cadres for human development. This is aimed to achieve the maximum possible investment in available energies and capabilities through providing effective training programs for an important segment of society. Since the State is no longer the only player in these programs, projects and policies, but remains to play a role in the drafting and implementation process, involving NGOs, civil society, and the private sector in the field of social policies has become more pressing. This intends to shift the situation into a state characterized by greater productivity and to enable individuals to be part of the production process and not dependents on it.





































































































































































































































































































































































































































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