Community Centers

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Since 1978, community centers have started to appear in line with the Five-Year Plan of the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs (1978 - 1982), and then the Three-Year Plan (1982 - 1985).


The Ministry of Labour & Social Development continued to establish many community centers until 2008, currently reaching nine community centers distributed all over the governorates of the Kingdom of Bahrain.



  1. Provide services through the centers of the ministry of social services such as welfare and development of the family and childhood care and social rehabilitation and community-based organizations and financial support.
  2. Providing family services for families that have family issues (reception sons divorced men and women) and to provide the necessary facilities for communication between children and parents and social reception centers.
  3. Implementation of awareness programs, lectures and educational guidance and follow up the implementation of the various sessions of the beneficiaries of social services centers and offered by the various departments of the ministry.
  4. Provide the main hall in the center of all social work to social activities in collaboration with local community institutions and civil society organizations to implement the principle of community partnership.
  5. Follow up the implementation of the programs and activities of children and young people in the morning and evening periods.
  6. Festivals and awareness of family entertainment.


Ibn Kaldoon Community Centre Riffa Community Centre

Abdulla Bin Yousif Fakhro Community Centre Manama Community Centre

Jidhafs Community Centre Sitra Community Centre

Hammad Town Community Centre Isa Town Community Centre

Muharraq Community Centre  




































































































































































































































































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