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Basics of Hairdressing and Make-up Program


The program aims to train and create Bahraini cadres qualified for the profession of hairdressing and make-up through training on modern techniques in styling and cutting hair, applying make-up and nail polish, and  performing body care, in collaboration with specialized institutions in the private sector. The 4-month course will qualify the trainees for working in beauty salons.

     Basics of Tailoring and Sewing


The course aims to develop women’s skills through training them on tailoring and sewing works. After the completion of the 9-month course, the trainees will be granted official certificates qualifying them to engage in the labor market. Moreover, there are other specialties complementing the sewing program, such as sewing Jalabiyas, hand embroidery, Shak, Al-Smuk and Al-Naqdah, and cloth patching.




Training on How to Master Sewing and Tailoring


A training program that polishes the skills of those who have completed the sewing course. It helps them master working on fast sewing machines. The 3-month course enables the trainees to work in sewing workshops and get good jobs.



Fashion Design Program


The 4-month program aims to enhance the skills of the trainees and those who completed the tailoring and sewing course by training them on designing high-end fashion clothes, such as evening dresses and embroidered Jalabiyas.





Women Jalabiyas Sewing Program


The 3-month program aims to train those who have completed the sewing course on making women's embroidered Jalabiyas with various styles, decorations and fancy accessories. The trainees will manufacture and provide products to the community centers’ unit at the Capital’s Complex for products made by Bahraini hands.




Handicrafts Training Program


A training program that aims to develop women’s abilities and improve their economic level through training them on some handicrafts and traditional and advanced crafts which meet the needs of the family. The program helps turn the trainees into productive families.





Computer Training Program


It is one of the new specialized programs delivered at the community center. The program trains on how to use a computer and be familiarized with its uses, applications, and possible specialties, which qualify individuals for entering into the labor market. The 6-month program is delivered in coordination with specialized institutes in this field.



Art of Porcelain Making and Development Training Program

It is an advanced program that aims to polish the skills of young people of both sexes and those having talent in art and decoration. The program helps improve their skills in the works of forming and shaping porcelain, making Islamic and Arabic decorative designs, in addition to glazing and burning porcelain and ceramics. The program is delivered in the porcelain workshop at Sitra and Manama community centers. After completing the 4-motnh program, the trainees will turn into productive families able to set up self small enterprises.






















































































































































































































































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