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In 2006, the Ministry of Social Development developed the National Center for NGOs support which is considered the first of its kind in the Arabian Gulf. The center aims to provide different means of support for NGOs. This is achieved through training programs specialized in improving the skills and abilities of individuals working in these organizations and enhancing their performance.


1.To provide opportunities for increasing the ability of NGO's

2.To establish informatics networks for the exchange of expertise and information

3.To facilitate and encourage the arrangement of forums and social programmes

4.To promote the national work to satisfy the society’s ambition and needs

5.To upgrade the developmental programmes, and improve planning and implementation according to international standards

6.To develop mechanisms for the participation of the private sector; to support and encourage volunteering and voluntary work.
The Process of Institutional Establishment of National Societies:

The process objectives of institutional establishment of national societies are crystallized in the following:


1.To build up an establishment that has a system, identity, mission, methods, and mechanisms that intends to achieve in its local society.

2.To gain the essential skills and expertise to achieve the organizations mission.

3.To establish interchanging relations between the organization and society from one side, and the effective parties in the society which the organization serves, on the other side.

4.To establish a system for leaning in the organization to assist in extracting the experiences that are encountered by the organization or by others, and retain them.

Statistics showing distribution of NGOs across governorates




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Telephone 17877546-17873791

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