A Ray of Hope for all the Micro-Businesses in Bahrain


On November 9th 2014, PayTabs signed a memorandum of understanding with Family Bank at the head office of Family Bank. The CEO of PayTabs and the CEO of Family Bank Dr. Khalid Ateeq along with some other dignitaries met for the collaborated to promote a common social goal to help drive business opportunities for small and medium companies in Bahrain. This collaboration will tackle the challenge faced by many SME companies; which is the ability to collect credit card payments electronically from their customers online.


 PayTabs is one of the pioneer companies in the entire MENA enabling the local merchants to sell goods and collect payments online. PayTabs has a vision of empowering Micro-Businesses and SMEs by giving them a platform where they will not have to worry about their payments anymore. Where, Family Bank is the first Islamic micro-finance bank in the Middle East with the prime objective to contribute to poverty alleviation and socio-economic empowerment of the communities it serves through the provision of sustainable Islamic financial services to the small businesses managed by Bahrainis citizen. In the meanwhile, Family Bank vision is to enable the low-income Bahrainis to build a secure future while introducing ethical rules and high standards towards development.


This shared societal objective enabled both the parties to shake hands in order to help shape the Bahraini community for a better tomorrow.