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The establishment of the Ministry of Labour & Social Development under the Royal Decree in 2005 is one of the fruits of the prosperous era. Since its formation, the Ministry has always taken upon itself to:


  1. implement an integrated system of services for various segments of society;
  2. work to achieve welfare and social security for citizens;
  3. unleash the potential of the economy through the adoption of policies and legislation which stimulate development by means of partnership and community participation with civil society organizations and the private sector to launch the energies of civil society, activate its strength and update its legal and administrative frameworks relating to the development work with a focus on social justice;
  4. develop the institutional infrastructure and fair geographical distribution of services across the different regions of the Kingdom of Bahrain;
  5. seek to build an interdependent, coherent society which acquires positive variables and leadingly participates in development through spreading cultural, economic and social awareness, in a way that contributes to raising the standard of living and achieving social stability of the family; and
  6. develop both the individual and society, promoting individuals socially, educationally, economically, intellectually and culturally and providing them with all forms of support and care to enable them to perform their role in the best way possible towards their nation and society.






















































































































































































































































































































































































































































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