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The Ministry’s policy is derived from:


  1. The values of the Heavenly Laws and Islamic Sharia that guide the society towards charitable and voluntary work and reciprocal responsibility, as well as the provision of munificent life for the individual while maintaining his dignity and rights.
  2. Partnership and participation, and the principles of integration among the parties of developmental process, including the public, civil and private sectors.
  3. Transparency and democracy, along with an emphasis on the optimum use of resources through social and charitable work that is characterized by democracy, ability for achievement, and accountability.
  4. Individual’s contribution in the developmental process, and adoption of a developmental policy that fosters talents and initiatives, and encourages and values voluntary work.
  5. Practical and scientific values, in addition to the adoption of a policy that provides social welfare and protection for all segments of society, and addresses the problems of poverty and marginalization.



































































































































































































































































































































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