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The social policy of countries is targeted towards affecting the life of the society individuals of all categories where in the first place it adopts the development of the human being, upgrading him, realizing his capabilities, ensuring equal opportunities, and fairness in the distribution of the society gains among all of its elements. The direction in different countries of the world is focused now on the establishment of new concept and framework which is called the social policy.



The term of social policy depends on concepts that have wide effect and that cover all activities undertaken by the state which influence the formation of the citizen’s living circumstances including education, health, housing, welfare and protection, and the organizing of social work, in addition to the regulation of the supporting environment for creativity, development and advancement of individuals and establishments. During the beginning of the last decade of the previous century, the social policies have made significant development and aimed its direction towards the acquirement of economical, social, and educational mark.



Through the investment of the political will of the higher leadership in the Kingdom, an independent Ministry for Labour & Social Affairs was allocated, following a Kingship Decree was issued to change its name to become “ The Ministry of Labour & Social Development” . The Ministry aims through working on the utilization of scientific planning principles, transparency, partnership, and participation to arrive to developed, mature and democratic society where the individuals can achieve welfare and progress in all fields; and where the social policy represents constructive power that enhances and maintains the capabilities of this society, and encourages it in order to achieve more success and advancement. Such aims have made the Ministry of  Social Development to cooperate with international organizations and mainly with the Economical and Social Committee for South Asia in order to work on establishing its social policies according to practical principles for the re-structuring of the society so as to integrate in it all social and economical changes.



Also, to work on the harmony and consistency of different Ministries programmes in the Kingdom so that all of these pour in a comprehensive framework that represents the social policy in its economical, social, medical, housing, and developmental aspects. This sketch comes to give a background for dialogue with different establishments of the Bahraini society, and to give also a general frame work about the Ministry’s direction in the special part concerning the social development and its role in dealing with different challenges that are facing the Kingdom.



The Social Policies and Informaion Unit at the Ministry of Labour & Social Development is considered the responsible unit that is concerned with making a change in the society and with societal development through its use of the political authority in order to amend, organize, and enhance the national development policy in all fields such as the social and economical system; and to implement the developmental objectives of the new millennium that lead to permanent welfare and social equity for citizens.




































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































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