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The challenges that Encounter the Social Development in the Kingdom:


- The continuous growth in the number of families that receive assistances form the Ministry which started in the beginning of the nineties and which have reached to about (11,000) families covering around (21,000) individuals in the Kingdom. This is in addition to (6,000) families that receive assistances from charity funds due to the increasing gap between income.


- Approximately 40% of the categories that received assistances from the Ministry in 2004 listed under the “financial poverty” category. This category possesses the potentials that can be utilized through rehabilitation to establish activities that produce an income which can take them out form the circle of assistances, and make them achieve financial independence.


- The cessation of a number of families’ children in the early stages of education, before the university stage. This allows to form a category that cannot get highly paid jobs, and subsequently might be qualified to enter the circle of poor categories or are threatened of poverty.


- There are certain categories of the society and in particular the youth’s who suffer from identity challenge and self – affirmance due to globalization and the resultant economical and social changes, and the emergence of violence manifestations, and family detachment.


- The presence of poor housing with poor utilities creates hotbeds for people with limited income. This needs to be developed based on the activation of their own capabilities and in cooperation with state institutions in spite of the wise leadership's appreciation of women, however, the society still suffers from the repercussions of discrimination against women. On the other hand, the national project for recruitment of unemployed has made it clear that 75% of the registered unemployed are of female gender, which calls to consider the need for collect them from the circle of social exclusion.


- In spite of the wise leadership’s appreciation of the women and the fact that she holds two ministerial bags, however, the society suffers from the consequences of the discrimination against woman and the societal type. The data of the national recruitment project of the unemployed indicated that 75% of the unemployed who registered in the project are women. Such matter needs consideration of the necessity to enable women and get them out form the circle of social alienation.


- The percentage of elderly of people in the Kingdom of Bahrain whose age varies between 65 years and above represent about 3% of the total current population. It is expected that this percentage will increase to reach 7% of the total population by the end of 2010. This requires the planning of services and programmes to meet their needs which shall not be confined to welfare role such as housing homes, assistances, and medical care, but shall also cover the way to integrate this category in the society, and benefit from their expertise to develop the society.


- The complication of structural unemployment which the Bahraini Society suffers from, due to the presence of foreign labour and the resultant outcome which includes social problems and the labour transfer of money to overseas. This represents  a genuine ambuscade of danger on the cohesion and stability of the society, and gives warning of grave social and political consequences if not treated from its roots and that relates basically to uprising, family cohesion, and enlightened preparation.


- The private sector in the Kingdom possesses a wide base and history in looking after the categories of limited income and taking care of the  elderly and those with special needs. However, it keeps away from the developmental activities and society development as anticipated due to its lack of financial and human resources that qualify it to play a pivotal role in the development programmes, similar to the situation in the countries that have an economical level which matches that the Kingdom of Bahrain.


- Similar to its peers of the region’s countries, the Kingdom of Bahrain confronts the challenge of technological development and the integration into the economy of knowledge which result in the presence of efficiencies and national human resources cadres that require care and nurturing, and the provision of fertile environment to encourage creativity, innovation and scientific research.







































































































































































































































































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