Social Policies Unit

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The Vision

Formulation of the national development strategies that aims to the formulation of equitable societies, enhancement of labour and economical development, and fighting elimination.

The Mission

1.National Development, improvement of social services, implementation of the millennium developmental objectives to eradicate poverty and social elimination, reeducation of social tension sources, and improvement of the general status.


2.To gather information and data about the social condition in the Kingdom and the symptoms and causes of inequality of social and economical opportunities, in liaison with all institutions and Ministries, particularly the services ones, civil society organizations, and others. Also, this unit shall submit to the concerned bodies periodical reports and analysis about the implementation of social policies attached with practical proposal for adjusting the policies of social and economical sectors in order to provide the conditions of a better life for all citizens.

3.To provide accurate, proper and comprehensive databases about the basic requirements for the development and improvement of processes. In order that any Governmental establishment can become able to formulate a social policy, execute, follow up and evaluate it, the Social  Policies Unit shall undertake the establishment of an information system about the social development indicators so as to include a statistical database for all aspects related to the unit duties and activities. In addition, to conduct field studies about the issues and problems that are part of the sphere of the unit work, and to determine the achievement indicators and the required development for following – up the implementation and evaluating the accomplishments. Furthermore, the information and data will be used to establish an early warning system for the monitoring of social issues.


4. To support the decision – making process.

Objectives of the Social Policies Unit are

·To formulate and implement a comprehensive social policy through the participation of the Government, civil society, and private sector.

·To achieve the highest level of social development and permanent welfare.

·To achieve the millennium developmental objectives.

·To achieve the highest level of social services.

·To eliminate the social problems.

·To support income and the living conditions.

·To reduce the gap of the poor and deprived social categories.

·To enhance the networks of social security.

·To provide relief for the poorest social categories.

·To participate in the development through providing the required advice and information for the decision – makers speedily and with the least time possible.

·To prepare and develop a work plan for the early follow up of the results of researches and studies, to analyze researches results, and prepare research reports.

·To spot the data and indicators pertaining to economical and social issues.

·To gather data, information, and studies from governmental, non-governmental establishments, and internal and external administrations for indexing and classifying them so as to become ready retrieval at any time requested.

·To use and develop the indicators that are agreed on through field surveys, studies, and social questionnaires related to them.

·To reinforce the cooperation aspects between the State establishment in all informatics fields that relate to development matters.

·To search for cooperation opportunities and create them with the pioneering countries in the field of formulating social policy, and to participate in developing , implementing, and following it up with them.



















































































































































































































































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