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The social policy which the Ministry of Labour & Social Development pursues is based on what is enjoyed by Bahrain society of major social, cultural, and economical resources. The Ministry works on rallying and utilizing these resources to serve and enable the Bahraini citizen, and to support his capability in confronting internal and external challenges, and then releasing with power and effectiveness to achieve permanent development and better future for him and for his children. This social policy is based on a number of values of which the main of these are:

Religious values: These are derived from the values of Heavenly Law and Islamic Shari’a that regulate the dealing of individuals in the society, call for charitable and voluntary work, and reciprocate with categories of less income and more encountered to social dangers.

Humane Values: Which prompt the human being to ensure the provision of a munificent life for his family and the individuals of the society which he lives in, and to maintain his dignity, basic rights, and freedom.

Participation and Partnership values: The success of social development work depends to a large extent on the integration principles between the parties of the developmental process, cooperation, partnership, personal participation, and exchange of benefit that ensure the continuity and performance of programmes and activities without discontinuance that results from the termination of benefit, and the absence of participation.

Democratic and Transparency Values: The protection of the rights of individuals through ascertaining the optimum use of resources represents the most important pillars of building the society confidence in charitable and social work. Also the work of social and developmental establishments group, both governmental and non-Governmental should be characterized by democracy, transparency, and the ability for achievement and impeachment.
The Values of Individual’s Endowment in the Developmental Process: These build up a developmental policy that takes care of talents, especially among children and youngsters, and also encourages and values the voluntary work.

Practical and Scientific Values: The adoption of social policies that are targeted towards the provision of welfare and social protection system for all categories of the society have proved a great success in making activation and in economical and social enabling. The international experiences have illustrated that the countries which pursue advanced social policies do not usually suffer from poverty problems, or alienation of their societies categories.


























































































































































































































































































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