The "Danat" Project for the Disabled

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The "Danat" project for the disabledisone of the most prominent initiatives launched by the Ministry of Labour & Social Development to support and nurture small businesses for the disabled. It consists of setting up kiosks in gardens, parks and vital areas in the provinces of the Kingdom in cooperation with the Coca Cola Company and the Ministry of Municipalities and Agriculture. This will take place with the benefit of the Family Bank aiming at crystallizing the effective development role of the disabled and moving them from a receiving care to an active role of production and creativity.


The "Danat" project is the first project to be initiated after the Kingdom of Bahrain, represented by the Ministry, submitted its endorsement for the Agreement on the Rights of the Disabled to the United Nations Organization in New York. This is positive proof of the speed of governmental performance in enacting the terms of the agreement. This leading, unique project in the Kingdom of Bahrain needs the support of all levels of society as it provides a chance for the disabled to show their capacity for innovation without restriction. This is one of the fruits of the projects of the Ministry which provides support for the disabled.


The project is really a form of cooperation between governmental and non-governmental organizations and the private sector to allow the disabled to take their place in society and to prove that they are capable of making distinguished contributions to society in managing small businesses that attract visitors. In this way, tourists may see the capacity of all the citizens of the Kingdom to give and to build.


According to the agreement signed by the Ministry of Labour & Social Development, the Family Bank and the Coca Cola Company, the Company provides the cost of making and preparing Kiosks and of installing them in vital areas and parks in different provinces in cooperation with the Ministry of Municipalities and Agriculture. The Coca Cola Company also helps selected applicants to participate in a training course which provides them with the basic selling skills required to best perform the work. They also receive training on safety and security procedures. The Family Bank provides the beneficiaries with loans to facilitate the start-up of their small businesses. The Ministry of Social Development directly supervises the project, monitoring and coordinating the different bodies concerned. It also provides these self-employment opportunities for the disabled and selects them to carry out these activities, checking on the obstacles that may hinder them and providing them with stability and safety in employment. The outcome of this project shall be reflected in the development of the economic status of people with this type of disability and in their integration in society.


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