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  1. Diagnose Disables detect with physical and sensory abilities to develop a program of care and educational and vocational guidance for the development of those capabilities.
  2. Rehabilitation of young disabled through programs and individual plans that fit their level and abilities.
  3. Encourage disabled to participate and train them to employ their abilities and self-reliance in the things of life which achieves social adaptation and autonomy and develop a sense of self-worth for psychological compatibility through an integrated program of counseling and guidance and mental health.
  4. Develop skills  through the work of a simple suit professional levels.
  5. Development of tendencies and skills of and helping them to enrich their lives and operates their leisure time through the programs of leisure and recreational activities and social development.
  6. Exhibitions and seminars that highlight their activities and professional participation.
  7. Building and training of cadres working place and raise their competence and develop their abilities in the field of care and rehabilitation of young people with intellectual disabilities.














































































































































































































































































































































































































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