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The elderly mobile unit consists of a specialized work team comprising a female social researcher, female nurse, and male and female rehabilitation assistants for the elderly of both sexes. The unit’s work starts from the elderly Centres and homes affiliated to the Department of Social Welfare and Rehabilitation. The team makes home visits to the elderly to provide them with the necessary services, including personal hygiene, medical examination, physiotherapy, family guidance, arrangement of medical appointments, and others. The team makes three visits per week to each family and handles an average of 20 cases weekly. Currently, there are five mobile units: The first one serves Muharraq area and the surrounding villages and it is financed by Muharraq Social Welfare Elderly Home, in addition to two other units financed by the National Committee for the Elderly, a fourth unit financed by the Bahrain Red Crescent Society, and a fifth one financed by the General Organization for Social Insurance. The last four units serve Manama area and all other regions in Bahrain.


Objectives of Mobile Unit:

  1. To provide different living, social, psychological, and health services needed by an elderly person at home and among his family.
  2. To train the elderly person’s family members and assist them in taking care of him at home in a proper manner.
  3. To provide different devices needed by the elderly person to facilitate his movement during his stay at his home.
  4. To alleviate the burdens of the family in taking care of the elderly person, and encourage the family to take care of him and insist on his stay at his home.
  5. To provide guidance and awareness services, and practical training for the family on the way of how to take care of the elderly people.
  6. To strengthen family ties and propinquity, and to set a good example for the coming generations at to adhere to Islamic values which exhort towards showing respect to the elderly, maintain their dignity and fulfilling their needs among their families.


Conditions for Service Provision:

  1. The applicant should be an elderly person.
  2. The social research should prove that the elderly person needs to benefit from the unit’s services.
  3. The elderly should not be suffering from mental disorders or contagious diseases.


Procedures for Service Provision:

  1. To submit an application requesting the service by the elderly person or his family or by any party, whether individual or collective, to the Department of Social Welfare and Rehabilitation at the Ministry of Social Development.
  2. To conduct a social research on the case.
  3. To develop a program describing the family’s requirements, and including the services that will be provided in every visit
  4. To put a timetable showing times of visits made by units and which take place in mornings only. Emphasis is made to families with respect to the necessity of giving a prior notification in case it is not possible for the family to receive the unit.
  5. An assessment of the service program is made from time to time in order to modify it according to the development of the elderly person’s condition.




- To get the services of the mobile unit in Muharraq Governorate:


Muharraq Social Welfare Elderly Home

Building No.: 240, Complex 203, Muharraq

Tel.: 17103261


- To get the services of the mobile unit in the Capital Governorate, Northern Governorate, Southern Governorate and Central Governorate:


National Bank of Bahrain Elderly Home

Shaikh Khalifa Bin Mohammed Avenue

Building No.: 4279 - Road: 1218 – Complex 812


Tel.: 17102331

Fax: 171023878
















































































































































































































































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